Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Drow Necromancer

I thought I'd post the Drow Necromancer I pit the group against a couple of sessions ago. I made him using Asmor's monster creator, and for powers I picked wizard powers reflavored to fit a necromancer, and some undead abilities (the Reanimate ability comes from the Deathlock wight. He never got to use it)

I learned some stuff. I thought the ability to negate an attack was too powerful so I made it recharge, but realized later that fights are so dynamic, and usually short, that having an ally close at hand was not always a possibility and therefore the power was not all that overpowered. The big bad death shroud should do half damage, as most area attacks do. I think tacking a weak status effect on the main ranged attack would not have been unbalancing and fit the encounter well, I think slow would work well. Without further delay, the Necromancer...

Drow Necromancer Level 4 Elite Controller (Leader)
Medium Fey Humanoid
XP 350
Initiative +5 Senses Perception +4;darkvision
Master's touch aura 3; Undead in aura gain +1 to attack rolls and all defenses
HP 104; Bloodied 52
AC 18; Fortitude 15, Reflex 17, Will 16
Resist Necrotic 5; Vulnerable Radiant 5
Saving Throws +2
Speed 7
Action Points 1
M Staff (Standard; at-will) ♦ Melee
+9 vs AC 1d6+4
r Reanimate (Minor; daily) ♦ Healing, Necrotic
Ranged 10, affects a destroyed undead creature level 6 or lesser, the target stands as a free action with a number of hit points equal to one-half its bloodied value. This power does not affect minions.
c Death Shroud (Standard; encounter) ♦ Arcane, Necrotic, Implement
Close burst 2 Target each enemy in burst +8 vs Fort 2d8+4 damage and target is pushed 2 squares Miss: Target is pushed 1 square When bloodied this power recharges.
a Draining Burst (Standard; at-will) ♦ Arcane, Necrotic, Implement
Area burst 1 within 10 squares Target Each creature in burst +8 vs Reflex 1d6+4 Necrotic damage
Dimension Door (Move; daily) ♦ Arcane, Teleportation
Teleport 10 squares
Minion Sacrifice (Immediate Interrupt; recharge 56) ♦ Arcane
When hit by a ranged attack any adjacent undead may shift and take damage instead.
Alignment Chaotic Evil Languages Common
Skills Religion +11, Arcana +11
Str 10 (+2) Dex 16 (+5) Wis 14 (+4)
Con 12 (+3) Int 18 (+6) Cha 12 (+3)


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